Thursday, April 16, 2009

Teeth feel a little loose?

It%26#039;s only after I eat or drink something that some of my teeth feel loose when I move my tongue against one of them. They%26#039;re not loose though when I push my finger on one. The teeth that do this are the ones on the top and bottom (usually top) from canine to canine; in other words the teeth in-between the canines, including them too. I went to the dentist a couple of days ago and he didn%26#039;t tell me anything was wrong with my teeth or gums. So what%26#039;s up with this? He did say that I needed braces (getting them this month or next) so maybe my other teeth are pushing on my other ones to make them feel loose? I%26#039;m 16 and they%26#039;re adult teeth by the way. Any help appreciated, thanks.

Teeth feel a little loose?
It does not matter what kind of food or drink you eat. The teeth are not fully unmovable, they always move. The teeth are supported into the alveolar process by ligaments that hold the teeth in place.yes, your dentist may be right about braces, but remember teeth are not completely fused to the bone they are just supported by ligaments in between the bone and the teeth . good luck!
Reply:The dentist said nothing%26#039;s wrong, and it only happens after you eat or drink? It could just be some reaction to certain kinds of food (really sugary, acidic, spicy, or generally any extreme). If this is the case, sometimes simply brushing your teeth after eating these foods can make your teeth feel better.


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