Thursday, April 16, 2009

Permanent vampire teeth?

I want to get my eye teeth capped permanently sorta like vampire teeth. I%26#039;m not doing it to have vampire teeth but the way my teeth are proporitioned, my eye teeth look short and I want longer ones. Getting vampire teeth is the closest thing I could think of to name the procedure. I don%26#039;t want long eye teeth, just long enough to be in proporition with the rest of my teeth but the length I want is probably longer than what%26#039;s considered a normal length (but I know my mouth and it would like better and not weird or freaky if they were longer than average). How can I go about doing this? How much will it cost? Thanks.

Permanent vampire teeth?
i would guess from a thousand dollars? im no dentist. you can get non professionals who alter body appearances for drastic change, and im sure they might do this. go for the dentist tho, im sure they could give you caps. although it might be expensive and a pain. my best advice. ASK THE DENTIST!
Reply:Well insurance probably wont cover it so you will have to pay for it yourself. Plus heres another bad thing if you do get your teeth like that they will wear out much faster.
Reply:i duno how much they cost and stuff but i know if you ever decide to remove them your teeth will have a dent
Reply:A lot of folks do this in the pacific northwest that are into the goth dark vampiric thing...It doesnt cost much to get, but then there is maintenance...I have heard of it costing up to $300.
Reply:here%26#039;s an idea. only a dentist who does this sort of work could answer this question. why don%26#039;t you email some in your area? also, make sure you check to see if the process is reversible, and ask about all the stuff that can go wrong. don%26#039;t screw with your teeth unless they are really messed up.


Front teeth gap?

My teeth are perfect other then my gap, when i was younger i went to the dentist and he told me that it would eventually close as i got older.... well it didnt and now that my wisdom teeth are coming in my mouth doesnt have any room for them and my gap still isnt closing.. they are also causeing my lower teeth to be crowded in front making them twist..... i also have a slight over bite where only my front four teeth hang over my bottom ones...... i just recently went to the dentist and he said nothing about my teeth with the over bite, gap, and slightly twisting of my front bottom teeth.....he only advised me to get my wisdom teeth looked at..... SHOULD I GO TO AN ORTHRODONIC OR WHAT?

Front teeth gap?
Yes. If you are unhappy about the spacing of your teeth, you would need to see an orthodontist to correct it. Ask your dental office who they prefer and go for a consult. You will need your wisdom teeth removed prior to ortho if they are ready to be removed. If they aren%26#039;t ready then do it after ortho treatment.
Reply:Ask your dentist to refer you to an orthodontist
Reply:Yes, you should go to an orthodontist!

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Teeth concern/Dentist question?

I have straight teeth on both my upper and bottom teeth. However, my upper row teeth have two teeths that look like two fangs aka it looks like a vampire teeth. It makes my upper teeth crooked and when I smile you can see the two pointed teeth from my mouth. I am 20 years old. :( However, I was wondering, what I should do? I know that there are braces..but those are quite expensive...I am a poor college student with little transportation, since I don%26#039;t live near a dentist area! Any suggestions, possibly?

Teeth concern/Dentist question?
You may be able to use veneers to bring these teeth into alignment however nothing in dentistry is cheap and orthodontics is ideal in your situation.

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My tooth(teeth) really hurt, what could be the problem?

I%26#039;m not realy sure which teeth hurt, I just know the pain is on the right side of my mouth, on the top, in the back. I believe it%26#039;s second to last tooth.

I would go to the dentist, But I was just at the dentist two months and had an exray the day I had my wisom teeth extracted.

I think they would have seen something on the exray if I had a cavity or something worse forming...

It sometimes becomes REALLY painful, Usually when I eat or drink something cold or frozen, and when I eat or drink something sweet. Sometimes it%26#039;s not painful, just feels sore, but sometimes it%26#039;s very painful.

My sister says she felt the same way before she found out she needs a root canal, but a root canal is a bad thing and takes a long time for your tooth to become so rotten. I doubt my tooth or teeth could have become like that in just two months.

I am also a bit embarassed to go to the dentist again in such a short period of time.

What could it be, and what should I do to alleviate the pain and soreness?

My tooth(teeth) really hurt, what could be the problem?
You COULD have a cavity forming that just started. Also check up along the gumline. You may have been brushing just a little too hard and wore away a little bit of the gum so that part of the root is exposed. Since there isn%26#039;t any enamel on the root to protect it, cold and sweet - and pain - travel more quickly to the nerve. It can send you through the roof sometimes if something catches it the wrong way. Try a toothpaste designed for sensitivity (most commonly Sensodyne, but most companies have their versions out). Put a small amount on your finger and apply it directly to the spot that%26#039;s sensitive and leave it on for a little while before you brush. Since it is localized to the one area, you don%26#039;t have to use sensitivity toothpaste all over, but it won%26#039;t hurt. It should calm down after a few treatments, but could take a couple of months. If it%26#039;s too sensitive to use a toothbrush, try a Q-tip. If you are still concerned, see a dentist. They can use a desensitizing varnish or put a filling on that area. =)
Reply:Don%26#039;t be embarrassed to go to the dentist again. Sometimes a problem can develop very quickly. Dentists are used to that. If you ignore it, it will only get worse and become more of a problem.
Reply:Use some mouthwash and stay away from all types of sugars.
Reply:You should not wait. You probably have decay (cavity) in your tooth. The decay will never get better it will only get worse, so you should go see the dentist as soon as possible. If you notice that your teeth are very sensitive to hot/cold and you have pain with pressure or biting down you might have a cavity to the nerve of your tooth and will probably need a root canal. Go to the dentist asap before it gets worse.
Reply:A lot of times, generalized pain in maxillary (upper) teeth is due to the sinus cavity. The teeth roots are close to the sinus cavity and any inflammation due to allergies, cold, sinus infection, etc can affect the roots and in turn your teeth. If it doesn%26#039;t resolve after a couple of months with OTC sinus medication get it checked out with the dentist.


Teeth help?

I%26#039;m 16 and for the most part my teeth are white. But they have a tint of yellow near the gums. If I brush twice a day is there any chance I can have white teeth? Or once they%26#039;re yellow, they%26#039;re always yellow?

Also, my teeth are perfectly lined up except for 2. I think the dentist called them %26quot;crossed teeth%26quot; which is where the top tooth curves in and the bottom tooth beneath it curves out. He said that I could have braces if I wanted, but it wasn%26#039;t a dire emergency. I%26#039;ve been thinking about those %26quot;clear braces%26quot; but I don%26#039;t know much about them. Are they noticable? Pricey?

Thanks! %26lt;3 :D

Teeth help?
have them took out you will not have a prob.s them then
Reply:Get some aquafresh tooth paste and brush your teeth at a 45 degree angle at the base. Go in circles, but make sure you have a soft bristle tooth brush. They won%26#039;t be yellow forever if you bush properly. Don%26#039;t go overboard with flouride, either. They%26#039;ll cause extremely white spots on your teeth that are very noticeable.
Reply:The yellow might just be the anatomy of your teeth. Dentin is the layer underneath the enamel, the enamel is the outermost layer of your tooth. If the dentin is thick underneath the enamel your teeth will have a yellow appearance and dentin tends to be thicker toward the gumline. Dentin can%26#039;t be whitened.

As far the the braces go. they%26#039;re called invisalign, if you need minor adjustments they%26#039;re a good way to go but they do tend to be more expensive. It costs the dentist more money out of they%26#039;re pocket to get them made and they pass that cost onto you. They aren%26#039;t noticable. Shop around for a dentist that does invisalign the prices vary greatly.
Reply:Naturally, teeth are yellow to ivory even slightly gray - that%26#039;s a natural tooth color. If you%26#039;re concerned about the yellow tint near your gums, go for an exam with your dentist and mention this. It could possibly be your roots showing from recession (caused by age or agressive brushing). I would suggest trying Crest Whitestrips, and following the directions on the box. If you aren%26#039;t satisified with that, try bleaching trays from your dentist. You want to be careful with the %26quot;bleaching%26quot; material, because it can irritate your gums. Whitening procedures generally work best after a professional cleaning.

The clear braces, like invisalign or even ceramic braces are more pricier than the traditional braces. They aren%26#039;t noticeable from a comfortable distance, but if you are close up with someone, you more than likely can see them.

Good luck!


Does teeth Whitening work?

Is there a product in the USA market that can guarantee teeth whitening?

ive been to maxodent website, yet im not sure if they are worth it

ive heard of crest white strips. does this work also? btw where is their website?

is there a natural way to whiten your teeth caused by too much drinking of iced tea? If ever i will use maxodent or crest, will this be temporary or permanent?

Does using whitening strips only whiten the front part of the teeth and not the back and side teeth?

is there a permanent way to whiten teeth? Does using any whitening products may damage your teeth?

thanks in advance.

Does teeth Whitening work?
Wow! You%26#039;ve got a lot of questions...

I whiten my teeth using products I get from the dentist. I buy either %26quot;NuGold%26quot; or %26quot;Opalescence.%26quot; (Around $40 for 3 or 4 syringes/vials)

I tried crest white strips, and then requested a refund as per crest%26#039;s guarantee. I did not notice any difference at all. But it is supposed to whiten the front and back of your teeth.

As for a homemade solution, mix hydrogen peroxide with baking soda into a paste. Brush your teeth with this (do not swallow). The mixture lasts about a week if you keep it in a tightly sealed container.
Reply:Those tooth whiteners you can buy over the counter have been known to eat away the enamel off of your teeth. It makes your teeth white yes, by eating off the front enamel. So over time you are unconsciously eroding your teeth. The best thing is a good old fashioned whitening toothpaste. But not one made overseas because they are pr oven to have a higher concentration of fluoride that also eats the enamel off.
Reply:Maxodent has 14% hydrogen peroxide, which is dentist-level.

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Brushing Teeth once a day instead of twice.?

Hi, this has been very confusing. I posted a question similar to this. My family, all of them, brush their teeth once a day with minimal teeth care, and never have cavities when they go to their checkups.

Me on the otherhand, I brush my teeth for 6 minutes morning and night. I rinse and clean my mouth after everytime I eat, and use mouthwash once at night. Yet I keep getting one cavity after another, right now I think I have 2.

I%26#039;m coming to the decision I have my mom%26#039;s sensitive teeth and brushing my teeth is causing more harm to me than good, Would anyone back up my idea of only brushing the teeth once a day? to let the Enamels of my teeth Strengthen.

This is important because I have no Dental Insurance and health bills are eating up my god damn wallet.

Brushing Teeth once a day instead of twice.?
The research has shown that a very thorough plaque removal ( long rushing and flossing) can be done once every 24 to 36 hours.

Most gumline sensitivity is actually a side effect of clenching one%26#039;s teeth while asleep. Aggressive brushing can then lead to wear at the gum line area (other things wear the area as well.)

Gentle (soft bristle), but thorough brushing and flossing is the answer. People that don%26#039;t get cavities just don%26#039;t have alot of the type of bacteria that cause them. Many people can be prone to gum disease later in life however.
Reply:I look after mine to.... Still..same problem.
Reply:it is very important to thoroughly clean your mouth every 24 hours... brushing and flossing

you might switch your mouthwash for a fluoride rinse

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